Today is the day!! Set up day!
Today I am going to install for the Ikebana show at Chill Flowers, super excited and can't wait to see what the girls come up with in my designs. Gonna be a whole lotta snaps, I promise.

Last night had the opening of a group show that I am in at One Small Room. Apart from a rainy, dreary night there was a pretty good turn out. On the up side there was possibly the biggest bowl of chips I have ever seen in my entire life! I'm talking HUGE! Like maybe a meter in span (well maybe not a meter...but man, that was a lot of chips! Like 7 or eight packs, no wait that makes it sound small, aaagh, stop talking about the chips!!)

On the downside, there was this terrible band of teenagers playing some grunge like feedback like noise, pretty much racket. Not my perfect choice of ambience for an art gig, actually made me hightail it to the Wheaty, but hey at least I got to see that giant bowl of chips.

I really gotta get out of bed.... what with that whole install and everything....