Roamin' my hood

Tokyo you really gave me a swift kick in the ovaries (both literally and figuratively unfortunately..). She's a tough city Tokyo, kind of makes me think she can chew people up and spit them out pretty quick smart. I have heard a couple of people use the phrase "Tokyo tired"(Check out this lovely blog. I'm pretty sure I heard this lady say it first) It's not that you are tired of Tokyo but I totally get it. Maybe thats why every second person you see is trying to catch a sneaky snooze? Everywhere! on the train, job site, car, even standing up! I often wonder how many people actually miss their stops on the train? Even I was doing it the other day! I had like 5 stops til Gotanda and I was just like ohhhh close those lil shrimp eyes and catch a breather, heaven!

Tokyo is the city people come to get lost in. Nobody gives a fuck what you look like, what you like to wear (many I have seen some crazy westerners in some fucking craaaazy get ups!! I'm pretty sure I saw a chick donning a black sequin top hat yesterday, a foreigner!!) or what you are doing really. Here you can just fade on right in to the big smoke and lose yourself. I think it could get lonely but at the same time I get that it is an escape from whatever it is that you are running from. It is just so consuming. There is always noise, there is always a million things going on and lets not forget that trying to find street signs is almost non existent. It is tiring. Tokyo tired; I get it.

So to recharge we spent the day around home.

It was fantastic.

Had a snooze in, cooked a nice breakfast, did some washing, played some Spongebob (ahem..) then I decided to hit the streets. Just a nice, leisurely stroll round our hood all on my lonesome. Again...

It was fantastic!

So beautiful, this is the Japan I came for. I just can't get enough of the suburbs here. They are gorgeous. There is so much beauty in the everyday. In a sea of grey there are pops of greens and blues with splashes of orange. People seem to take so much pride in the little space that they have. Maybe thats the key? Instead of wanting more, make the absolute best of what you have already.

Now get ready, I have like a million snaps I want to share with you....

And one of the best things was this tiny second hand shop I found. Inside I found the perfect present for my husband who is working away tirelessly at home; a Japanese edition of Abbey Road on vinyl. Hope you like it.