Ugggh, magnolias, they are so flippin' beautiful! I see them everywhere at the moment and I love it!. Next free day off I have I am just going to roam the back streets of my neighbourhood taking me some magnolia snaps. (As you may also notice, when I dress in a colour it just starts to spread....I can't help it! Yesterday was green and more that not its pink lately. It just takes on a life of its own, kind of like the blob I guess, but in a good way of course. Also maybe its due to the fact that black is my uniform at work?)

Today is going to be great.

Well, thats what I am telling myself and in my experience you gotta put it out there and you usually get it. (I had this conversation with a friend last night about how, you know I just put out these crazy plans and they seem to be almost too crazy not to work. Like Japan, Pilchuck, getting a grant, and then totally deadpan, she goes 'not to mention all the hard work and talent you put in'! Do you know I never thought of it like that before!! Hahahahha!)

But I did wake up early this morning and had a great idea about putting together a little questionaire for my fellow glassies out there. Asking about their style, interests, motivation, hopes and dreams, what type of cheese they prefer, you know all the hard hitting stuff. That with some images of themselves, their work and maybe their studio space. Then each week I will publish a different story on here and we get to learn about a new artist each week, how rad does that sound? Then, who knows, maybe I could publish my little book and that too would be a rad thing for the community. Bring us back together, give a little promo for us all, just see whats out there I guess. What do you think? Hit? Or Miss?

And then I fell back asleep and had this AWESOME dream where I had these two sheds out the back that were converted into artist studios and there was a fire and everyone was making this rad stuff and, and, and, anyways no one likes to hear about other peoples dreams, its boring. No wait, maybe thats just me.... I'm off to blow some glass today! See ya!