I did it. I survived retail xmas....just barely.

So now comes the 2013 wrap up that is well overdue. 2014 has been off to a slow start creatively/inspirationally, but lets hope thats not the case for the rest of the year.

Here we go;

1. Residency at Northlands glass in Scotland
Scotland was one of the most amazing and challenging things I have EVER done. It was my first real working residency. I got to meet some fantastic artists, travel to a place I had never been and really dive head first into a whole new range of works. I am so proud of all the work I made there and think there is great potential. I think an exhibition is in order this year for new works (but knowing the grand scheme of things, bookings and what not, this may be for 2015...)

2. Started up a new studio space
Lots of sweat and tears here people. I ripped up flooring with a crow bar (only to find that it could have been done with a fork lift...), learnt to build a stud wall, learnt valuable lessons in the world of paint and began to craft the peg board of my dreams. A shared studio space in a shared warehouse has been trying at times but I feel like the space is all worth it and I already love hanging out there. Taught me lots of lessons but at the end of the day I feel pretty proud that me and Andy now have a little space to work out of, and so "Sawtooth Studio" is born...

3. Organised and got to TA for US glass artists Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jasen Johnsen
This was a huuuuuge dealio. Bringing Karen and Jasen out was like a year in planning alone. It was an incredible experience and one that again I learnt lots of lessons.

4. Got interviewed by THE Design Files and made a whole bunch of brand new work for the open house in both Sydney and Melbs this year! Pretty god damned chuffed with this one! I don't think you could wipe the ridiculous grin off my face for days. Was such a great interview that I felt was totally true to me and how I work and it got SO many beautiful comments from design files readers, made me feel all fuzzy 'n stuff.
Oh, and did I mention I met my new bff, Clare Bowditch? No big deal......SQUEAL!!!!
The Design Files Open House was killer! I sent them approximately x85 units of work. Eighty fucking five!!! So incredible. I remember dropping off my crates of work thinking this is a lot of fucking work. I hope I havent miffed this up.... But I didnt! People went crackers for my new display domes. Absolutely bonkers. Loving them sick. So, so fantastic. Out of 85 only 13 came home. Say whaaaaa?

5. Had a little exhibition at Craft Vic with the help of weenie jnr.

6. Got some amazing shots taken

7. Oh, yeah, and was in another two group shows

So I guess I did some stuff.

(I am always surprised when i count the year back. I never feel like I have done much but then look at this photographic evidence!)

Seeya 2013. One could say we rubbed our fury little backs all over you?