Gals of Glazz - Megan Stelljes

I met this lady when I was taking Karen Willenbrink-Johnsens class at Pilchuck and Megan was one of the TA's. Megan is a super fun and super talented lady. She was such a good TA, totally all over it and full of energy. She was also super lovely to give me a list of all the rad things to do in Seattle if I had the chance. I love her spirit and she seems like such a dedicated glass maker. I hope she makes it out to Australia so we can hang out and I can show her some of the good stuffs that we got! (she also has an excellent talent for dress ups, her costumes are off the hook!)

Here we go, meet Megan!

Gals of Glazz

Tune in for 10
Megan Stelljes

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Tacoma, Washington, based glass artist.  I graduated with a BFA in glass forming from Emporia State University in 2009. After graduation I moved to the Pacific North West to pursue glass, working with and for friends making sculptural glass.  I love being a part of the Seattle area glass community.  I also own and operate my own small business making drink ware called Gray Sky Glassware.  (

What do you make?

I make sculptures based on my experiences in society.  As I evolve, the themes in my work follow.  My current body of work uses familiar objects to convey moods and feelings.  I have also been working with photographic decals.  Using old photos rolled up in the hot shop on bell jars. The bell jars are mostly empty with a cane drawing on the opposite side of the photo.  The drawing illuminates the dissonance between real life and expectations in the photo.  I love simple forms.  Often times my work has an almost child like or cartoon aesthetic.  I love the playfulness and the familiarity this aesthetic highlights. 

What’s your color palette?

Vintage Tupperware (pastels not 70’s) meets bright candy colors

Proudest Achievement?

I am most proud of being invited to be a Gaffer at Pilchuck Glass School.  Pilchuck has been such a special place for me.   I feel like it's the place where I grew up in the glass community.  I have worked there in many capacities and always dreamt of being a gaffer.  It is such a special and fun position. 

Hot or Cold?


Dream Project?

My dream project is having the freedom to create a dream project.  As amazing as glass is, it is so financially limiting.  I hope to one day be able to support myself entirely through my own artwork.  That is my ultimate dream project.


Most of my influences in glass come from people I work with, or have learned from directly.  My first teacher outside of college was Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen.  She taught me so much of what I know today and am so thankful for my time with her.  She is such a pioneer.  Two of my favorite lessons from her are “It’s not done until it’s over done!” and “All that glitters is… we need more GLITTER!” Kelly O’Dell and Amanda Patenaude are sort of my spirit animals of glass influences.  These ladies are such treasures and have really showed the most important part of being an artist is sharing love and saying Yes Please!  They are both amazing artists as well as amazing women.  I have also recently been able to be a student of Amy Rueffert, Jen Elek and Netty Blair.  These ladies taught me so very much about working glass, art and life.  I feel like that is an interview in and of itself.  I guess the most important thing that draws me to these people is an overwhelming kindness and appreciation for those around them. My work is so reactive to my surroundings that my influences are from daily life as well as their artwork. 

What’s coming up for you?

In the spring I am fortunate enough to be a teaching assistant for Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert for a Penland School of Crafts concentration class.  I can’t wait.  I am also working on new products for the Gray Sky Glassware line.  Maybe even a new studio…

Three foods?

Beer? Does beer count as a food?

Thank you Megan! (And beer totally counts) If you want to check out more of Megan's work check her site here.