Motivation is at an all time......loooooow. Got the ideas, pretty sure I got the know how, just don't seem to have the get up and go. Maybe I have party come down? Bah, another excuse. Lets list some dot points shall we? (This will either be the fire cracker I need, or just another damn list. Sigh.) Ok. Here we go. Things I know.....

1. I have 2 exhibitions drawing closer, one of those is a solo.
2. We are talking July 30th and August.
3. I have an order for my production which should have been finished for April...
4. I don't spend enough time in my studio.
5. I am participating in the Katherine Grey workshop.

Well, nope, still feel the same. Ok, how bout this one, what do I need to do?
1. Get a freakin calendar, write a timeline.
2. Finish order.
3. Hang Shirley.

Thats enough, I think all I really have to do is make a timeline. Thanks for helpin.