One more sleep

Can you believe it?
Can you believe that I started this blog in what, April, talking about my exhibition, trying to nut things out, stalling and procrastinating with dot points..
(. i
. still
. dig
. dot points..)
and now here we are, on the eve of the opening night. Big sigh of relief followed by bundle of nerves residing in stomach. Will people like the work? Will I make any sales? Will I spill wine on my dress? Hard to say really isn't it?

One thing I do know is that I am actually kind of proud of the work I have produced. I thinkthe show comes together really nicely and is cohesive in it's flow. Even though the show hasn't opened yet I found myself talking about having another show for next year! Woah, woah now lets just get over this show, maybe have ourselves a breather? Don't think I'm so good at stopping, even when i am holding my eyes open with match sticks.. Gotta strike while the iron is hot and all that crap.

Speaking of crap.. had my little face in the Adelaide Magazine today. Boy do I look angry! Especially so. Why couldn't they have chosen the smiley one? I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST! BUY MY ANGRY WORK! Thats what it screams to me.. guess it's better than multiple chins showing
All publicity is good publicity, right?...

Will take some shots of the work installed and put them up for you to peek at.
Only one sleep to go.