buck up tiger

Its official.
I had exhibition come down.
But its ok im nearly through it now. It takes alot of energy to be an artist I think and really commit to it. Takes up a lot of head space, but mostly I feel like it's energy. You gotta be on it in so many ways and there is no one else thats gonna do it for you. You gots to hustle the work, you gots to design the work, you gots to make the work, you gots to pay the rent yo. So I guess its not a surprise that sometimes (and I think its when you stop or slow down that this happens) the dread sets in....
oh the negativity that the dred brings with it! oh, i have so much debt! oh, my body hurts! oh, i have no clams! oh, why am i doing this, why didnt i choose some officey job that pays a decent wage?
why? I'll tell ya why.
Because I freakin' L.O.V.E it.
thats why.

It's the truth. (why else would anyone work in a billion degree heat?) and sometimes the wheels fall off and sometimes you lose your way, but you know what its just like handsel and gretel. just leave yourself a little trail (i prefer to use musk sticks) and you will always find your way back. sketches, photos, friends, these all help. because even though you are the one who's gotta get it all done there is always someone there who can help, or at least make you a cup of tea. so buck up tiger, life, she aint so bad.
well thats what im tryin to tell myself anyway........
i feel a new list coming on....