Etsy Lovin'

So I am busy, beavering about..... playing photo shoots in my studio, because ladies and gents I am gearing up for an etsy store! (Eeep.) I tried taking some shots in the Jam photography room (last time I got some great shots but this time I just couldn't get the settings right) so after much swearing and cussing, I went back to my studio and started messing around with some more laid back shots. What do you think? I think these are much nicer than a plain white background. Looks warmer, tells the story a little better maybe?

There is so much fine print to having an etsy store! Just tryin to do my best to be super prepared. Researching shipping, store policy, alchemy? Wah! It's harder than I thought. Don't worry I will keep at it.

So far, from my intensive researching/procrastinating, I have seen a lot of naff glass on etsy... I am going to be the gal to change that...I hope.

On the up side, so far I haven't seen anything like mine on etsty, do you think this is a good or bad thing? Maybe nobody cares for glass cacti and succulents? No! Surely that can't be so?

Definately nothing like Skiny Pete, thats fo sure.

Am a little worried about the weight. Would you pay $60 in shipping alone to be the proud pappa/mamma of a hand blown cactus? I could say the seller pays all watering costs...