Melbourne Lovin'

(image courtesy of check em out)

Hello there lovelies! How was your weekend? I only ask as........MINE WAS FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!!!!! thats all.
Even though as you know, I got the sack last week, I had planned a ladies weekend away with my favourite lady lil'lisa. we got our booties over to melbs for a threeday weekend of booze, art, deliciousness and...... shopping! (perhaps not the best when one has no fixed income but pffft.)
we flew in saturday morning and hit the ground running. we stayed at the nunnery a super sweet hostel in fitzroy, absolutely recommend it. Then we seeked out an amazing cafe off smith street, "Proud Mary". Lisa had a mind blowing sandwich of mouth watering pork belly and if i wer'nt so comatose from lack of food i probably would have ordered something other than blurting out eggs please... and the coffee? holy shit balls! they had this crazy tea distillation going on. do yourself a favour and get yo self there.
In the later part of the day we met up with friends for wine in the park which led to more wine.....and more wine..and ultimately contributing to the god awful, punch in the ovaries, hangover.. but i digress. ahem.
we saw some poor mans cirque du solei in the park (which led us to seek out a pub) but then we went to see a dirty blues band, "The Brothers Grim" inside the NGV. Amazing.
Which brings us to the cocktail section of the evening. One word. Polly. Now I would love to tell you more but.... some sort of memory blank.
So the whole reason behind this trip was to see the Tim Burton show on its last day, even in my state of extreme pain I could see the brilliance. Sketches, snippets of the movies, models it was all there. Now the next part of our journey (with much groaning and cursing/huffing and puffing) we went to find the market way out in the docklands. now this really perked up my hang over... a tin shed filled to the brim with creative geniuses!! I met the lovely girls at "Odds and Ends" Do you know what they make? lean in close now....knitted cacti!!! we are now like besties! please check them out on their etsy store here. They were super nice and gave me great advice for a first time etsy seller. I will be keeping in touch with those kids fo sure. (I am dying for a trade!) Oh and i just discovered their tre tre beautiful blog, remember to notice. makes me want to make nice stuff.
I also bought my new summer dress from made590. it is super cute and has....pockets! yessssss.
By now we had managed to perk up somewhat and started to think about a delicious dinner (i forgot to mention that shamefully we had to eat fast food for breakfast....hang head in shame)
We ate the most amazing dumplings. Amazing. They were these little parcels of loveliness that are filled with delicious stock and a little pork parcel. Super delicious, super fun to eat. I am salivating as we speak... oh and we managed to force down more wine.
A little bit more of a lazier approach to our next and final day. We strolled my old hood of northcote to visit a few fav's including I dream a highway and Manque. Kinda shopped out (you think?) and ready for home. Melbourne I heart you.