Meet Florence

But first lets have a coffee.... ahh delicious.

Now today is the day for installation. First we hijack the board room and start sorting colours.

Next each piece has to be screwed into its length. It's a two man job, trust me..

We are the two men! Meet Jaan, twirly in guy extrodinaire.

Now meet Dani, head tape lady and all round good guy at stuff. Each piece must be carefully balanced off of each other.
Meet Jess, head packer and later scaler of great heights and attacher of cables.

As you can imagine we need fuel for such a big job. Burger time. Burgers all round. Viva la West Side!

After everything is assembled we moved her to Electra House and began the install.

We don't pack light....

The cables go up and the armature can be hung.

She lives!

Each piece balances from its family. It really is quite beautiful. Florence has a quiet elegance to her and really must be seen to be believed. Why don't you come down to say cheerio and enjoy a pimms at the bar? Opening night is this Thursday from 6-8pm. Hope to see you all there.