Autumn I heart you, please stay a little longer.

Dear Autumn, I love you. I love you so much, I wish it was Autumn all year round. If I were a billionaire (or oil tycoon, its like chose your own adventure, which ever one works best for you,) I would travel the world, blowing glass and chasing Autumn. I would live in Autumn all year round. Seasonably mild. Yes sir. Best type of weather for blowing glass, sipping wine and watching the leaves turn. Also good for cooking extravaganzas in the kitchen, dressing in layers and makes pale skin look awesome. Its win, win.... for me, anyways.

I mean look at this, grey skies, golden leaves, whats not to love. Today we took a drive up to Mt. Lofty Botanic gardens. Sure, we got lost along the way, maybe we got there at 4 o'clock and the park shuts at 5, but hey, we saw some colours!

I kind of wanted to go to check it out because in a couple of weeks, I will be taking the associates for a design project. I thought it would be nice to get them out of the studio and get them thinking on a different level. For me personally, I take a lot from nature (sorry mother nature, I'm like the bandit who steals all your good ideas and passes them off as my own) and I was hoping they might find some inspiration too.

Its hard work being an associate and the time for reflection or fresh inspiration can be rare. Its real easy to get bogged down in technique and trying to perfect that elusive perfect tumbler, so to speak. It's easy to forget that glass can be beautiful and fluid, craving movement and spontaneous action. It's not all goblet making and skittles, so to speak.

I gots a lot of work to do. I gots alot of decisions to make. It's crunch time, so to speak.

Anyways, I love you Autumn. You are my favourite. Summer is for jerks in bikinis. I am a pale skinned giant who likes layers, changing leaves and Autumn months.