Eye candy

Got me some pretty snaps taken today!! Had the very lovely Michael Haines take some photos for me. Poor guy, I rocked up early like the punctual super nerd I am (Adelaide DOES have a peak hour!!) barraged in with my boxes of work and a bucket of blooms all before the man had even had his morning coffee. He was fantastic and lovely to work with.

Just one big happy family.

Nice up close detail.

Super sweet clear shot. Michael really helped me out on the composition of this one. Clear is a tricky customer.

One of my favourite compositions. I love how they talk together. I rocked in there super organised, had each vase marked to a corresponding bunch of flowers. Got there, all went out the window and free styled it! As the shoot went on I had more ideas, would definately like to take some more and really work on the relationship between the vessels. I kept thinking of tiltles like "Inane chatter" or "Conversations in glass". Would be fun to do some back to back, kind of like "a minor disagreement.." They are so lively, I feel like they each have their own personality, some of them get along some of them don't.

Simple but nice, yes?

And finally got around to getting a proper product shot of my Colour Pots. Look how bright and happy they look. So then I dropped them straight off to the shop, made the lovely Sophie a particuarly sweet arrangement in one of my grey vases then got to hang out with my moomah for the rest of the arvo. Huzzah for mums! They are the best.