Oh no, I seem to have hit the wall. Feel like I am in a slump, maybe it's residency come down? I'm guessing this is what happens when you run at it full pelt for so long? Anyways, I feel like .... meh.

I know, I know, the pretty pictures right? I had a blowing session yesterday and it was fun, but I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it was because I looked at my hiring sheet and notices all the $$ I was racking up. Making new exhibition work is a sticky wicket, so to speak. You are not really guaranteed any return and it also takes a long time to nut things out. A long, expensive time. which leads me to my next point.

I have a new job! Huzzah! You are now talking to the new assistant manager for the T2 store, coming to Adelaide in July. I am very excited to have been given this opportunity. A full time gig working for a super lovely company. Now I will have money to pay for my sessions.

As I will be about to go into a full time position, I thought I could gun it in the studio and get all of my exhibition work made up front, waaaay before the deadline. Seems my head had other ideas... not feeling it, thats fo sure.

Ugh, maybe just a mini break? A weekend without glass? Can it be done? The tank is feeling dry... To try and achieve this I am headin south tonight, to moomah's! There is no glass in Mt. Compass thats for sure. Maybe we will get to go to the awesome farmers market at willunga? who knows... im secretly hoping for rain, a toasty fire and something delicious.

I think one of the problems is my studio is reflecting my head space..... A TOTAL MESS. Monday is going to be massive clean out day. I am going to be ruthless. RUTHLESS. If i made it 2 years ago, it has dust on it and i can't sell it, its gone! No prisoners, no soft spots, i am going for..

Tidy studio, tidy mind.

Now to celebrate this day of no glass I am going to make myself another coffee and eat last nights caneloni for breakfast. Mwhahahaha! Evil genius.