Been awhile hasn't it? Don't get me wrong, I haven't been sleepin on the job, lollygagging or working on my groove on the couch. Today I figured out that I have been "unemployed" for nearly 2 months and I haven't been doing any of those things! I feel like I have a million things to do everyday. How is that possible? I look at my diary, and its a mess. It's like some small chicken has taken to it with a pen trying to recreate some sort of treasure map. I just don't get it. I know I have no one else to blame but myself for making these plans....
I have been in the studio quite a bit but still I feel unproductive. I started making some cacti again at that was fun. Gonna make some more tomorrow actually. Am off to melbs next week, this is what my schedule looks like...
. one more session on cacti for the One Small Room show
. one to two more sessions on the Ikebana show at Chill Flowers
. session for Colour Pots
. work on a commissioned job for some Bonsai
. Get new Pots
. Pot succulents and cacti
. work on grant proposal for group show
. submit entry for Wish List
. submit entry for SALA
. get photo for licence
. submit T2 paper work

Phew. Makes your head spin just thinking about it... here are the things I would like to be doing:
. sewing cool baby quilts
. going to the movies to see 'Snowtown'
. making soup dumplings (this is a biggie which will require 2 days...)
. eating soup dumplings
. taking photos
. keeping warm
. making $$ to pay my neverending jam bills
. drinking wine with friends
. bake a cake
. plan a wedding

I think you will agree both lists are quite long. Maybe when I get back from Melbs I will concentrate entirely on the things I want to do before I start full time work? Oh, and its also my Birthday on Saturday. I'm hoping for more photos like these to be made...