I'm a good guy at stuff

Ahem, apologies on the last post, not very a. creative, b. inspiring or c. worth looking at!
My boy read it and says to me;
"I read your blog today, the one with the puff eye post,"
Me; "Yeah?"
Him; "Its not very good."
Point taken.

So lets try and turn this ship around, I have been doing stuff, lots of cooking, sewing, preparing for my new job. I guess I just havent gotten around to taking snaps and uploading them. Tell you what, I will take a bunch of snaps and upload them tomorrow. How does that sound? Better than a puff/pus eye no doubt. I wish i had like a spy camera in my eye a-la bionic style then I could just wink and it would take the shot. Then of course, seeing as I had gone this far, i would have hooked up my noodle to the interwizzle and would download them accordingly. Seems this process would be a lot easier if I was part cyborg.

If I did have that fancy cyborg spy camera, I would have taken loads of shots of me making the illustrious soup dumplings. Man oh man, did that one nearly break me... It was like a 2 day process, but the satisfaction of having mastered the soup dumpling and getting to reap the benefits of eating said dumplings was the sweet, sweet taste of victory. (Apparently the sweet taste of victory tastes kinda porky) It was extremely satisfying making your own dumpling dough and then being able to scoff self rightiously at those using pre prepared gow gee wrappers. (I'm also guessing this will be the first and last time i make these, so don't worry I'll be back to those gow gee wrappers before you know it) If you are interested (in mocking your friends with your culinary wizardry,) then you can have a look at the recipe I used here.

I have also been sewing like a fiend. These I can photograph for you (damn no bionic camera eye) One is a secret for a friend so I will leave that one out.... for now.

Also my big news is that this week I will begin my new job at T2. I will be the all grown up like, assistant manager! Eep! The opening date is next Wed so if you are in Adelaide I would love for you to stop in say hi, have a cuppa. The new store is on rundle st, near the Palace cinemas (next to Sugar)