Yumemiru Love

Woah! Even though I am all over the shop busy, so to speak, seems like my work is getting itself out there! You remember my 'Yumemiru' range right?

Well little ole me and my Yumemiru got a heads up on The Design Files. Yup, THE DEsign files. Check it out with your peepers here.

Its been a tough week, and to return home to find emails with asking about my work made me feel super fantastic. Yumemiru is one of my all time favourite works to make. If I could, I would make them everyday, non stop. For, me they are such a beautiful form to make. Almost relaxing. I love the soft shapes, weight at the bottom, that beautiful rounded top. I love making a family of shapes to see how they sit together. I don't know what it is, but I sure am happy to know that people are interested in the work, thus getting me one step closer to making them everyday....