Nakemeguro and Shibuya

I missed the Cherry Blossoms by about a week I think, but managed to catch the tail end, so better than nothing I guess. They are beautiful and I can only imagine what they must look like en masse. They are puffier than I expected! We headed in to this cute city called Nakemeguro to check out the last of the blooms over this cute canal that runs through the town. So everything is going pretty sweet, you know, oh it’s beautiful, so pretty and what not, then; “is that what i think it is?...”, “what?”, “that!” my sister has just spotted a massive snake coiled up, hiding in the greenery!! Aaaaaggghhh!, he was just sittin there all creepy and hidden and he looked massive!! ugh! serpents! I didn’t know there were snakes in Japan! And there were kids and little dogs around, no one else seemed worried, maybe they just didn’t spot him?...

Not alot was open in Nakemeguro because I think that it is golden week. We thought we better head to a bigger town if we wanna see some action so we headed to Shibuya....holy shitballs is that place crazy! People everywhere, lights, big buildings, little dogs with jackets on (mostly long haired weenies!!! i gotta learn how to say “can i pat your dog?” i’m having withdrawls!!) japanese hipster kids, crazy shopping, this place has everything. I reckon we were out for like 8hrs yesterday just walking, round and round, getting lost in the maddness. The thing that got me was, you could go from total pandemonium crowds then walk up just a little bit, then there would be hardly anyone. At one point we were so tired, we just wanted a beer, and to not catch the rush hour train home, we walked around for aaaaages trying to find somewhere. Finally weenie spotted one “there, see? go” and she pushed me forward. Bar 5 i think it was called, and get this, we were the only ones in it! How can that be in Shibuya? This is what I like about Japan, the crazy extremes. The bar was cute and tiny, i liked that on their menu there was “sarami”.

Weenie is really taking to Japanese tv, should have heard her yukking it up yesterday at some ridiculous show she was watching, something with fire eating then searching foor gators and giant snapping turtles. (i think it was a dare show). Right now she is watching some infomercial show telling me the diet tea looks real good. Our apartment is quite cute. Cute but rowdy for sleepin but thats ok. I love our neighbourhood its the best. Cute lil 100 yen shops, good places for eats, little supermarket and super close to the subway. I am stoked to be living here and not in somewhere like shibuya (my head might explode..)

So far we have been nailing it with the trains, thank god because our japanese is terrible and really there is not that much english goin around. Travelling is just so nuts because it challenges you and tests you in so many ways. Sometimes you don’t have time to think you just do. It rips you from your comfort zone and asks you who you are. I’ pretty sure I was due for this for a long time, I’d forgotten that I can be brave.

So this is the scary bit (mum, maybe don’t read this bit, I don’t want you to worry) I’m pretty sure on the first night we had a tremor. I was dicking around on the internet, weenie was pouring us a beer, we had some music on then everything kinda starts wobbling. At first I thought I was just kickin along on the bed to the music but then I realised thats not me. I look over at the tv and its shakin back and forth. We just kind of look at each other wide eyed. We didn’t really know what to do so we didn’t do anything. We tried to tell ourselves it was just a train going past, but we been here two nights now and I ain’t felt that again (trains in Japan are ALWAYS regular...) so shit scary but out of my control, nothing I can do about it. 
But we are ok! (you hear that mum?) and today is another adventure for two wookies in Japan. There really are not many westerners around I think weenies count is up to 6? In our hood I’ve only seen 2 (and thats not me and ass)