Hidden tea house, matcha shake, a win for the wookies

Nothin says "2 giant wookies in Japan" like hello kitty glasses sans lenses. (I'm thinkin about tryin to get glass blowing lenses put in mine...)

So I think slowly we are settling into our new life, finding our groove, maybe? kinda? I hope so. Still, everyday I feel like an idiot at least 63 times, today was no different. Today we thought we would tackle Harajuku, see whats what. I'll tell you whats what, tacky shit everywhere!! Hence these rad glasses, but Harajuku is funny because on one side is all this crazy kitch stuff and cheap crap, but then you cross over and there is total fancy, lahdeedah stuff, like ralph lauren, issey miyake, all the stuff we can't afford but don't want, I prefer my plastic frames with no lenses thank you very much.

But saying that, we did manage to find one hidden gem. I think the thing about Tokyo is that if it is hard to find then it is totally worth it. (Sometimes it takes us allllllll day to find one thing on a map)

Weeinie spotted this hidden gem, Aoyama Flower Market from the street when we were searching for Kiddyland... anyways it was a beautiful florist with lots of gorgeous blooms. Japan really values the small as much as they value the big. There were some super sweet little posies I guess I like it so much because it's about making the everyday beautiful. Not everything has to be giant and in your face. So we ferreted around in this place for awhile then you go a little deeper and check out what is out the back....

A tea room!!! Think ladies who lunch, we're ladies! We lunch! It was freakin amazing in there!! The food was gorgeous, the plants beautiful, check out what we chowed down on,

The teas were amazing. I had an oolong with rhubarb and cornflowers and weenie had that amazing refresh blend. It was just like a little hidden oasis. The girls working there were so sweet too. We picked up some rad ikebana supplies too. I could have just hung out there all day sluggin back tea. Maybe ladies don't slug? I don't know.

We also popped in for an extremely delicious ("tottemo oishi!") drink ontop of this crazy rooftop overlooking Harajuku, you know, as you do. We went in for coffees ("Kohee wa kudasi") but instead walked out with these!

 Soy and Matcha frappe thingey, flip yea they were good!! From here we set out to try and find yoyogi park for some shrine action, man did we get lost. Our map reading skills were not on it today thats fo sure. But we figured it (hopped on a subway as we had walked from harajuku to shibuya!! doh) and finally we gots to where we wanted to be.

There also happened to be an Ikebana exhibition on in the shrine. Score.

So another action packed day, we were pretty happy to roll back into our little hood for a beer on the way home, pick up a snack from the stick shop (food on a stick yea)

 Not a bad day for 2 wookies.