The Design Files Open House 2013!!

So I just wrote this awesome post about what I had been doing and apologised for my hiatus and blah blah blah and what happens? Blogger deletes all my hard work without even a so much as "you sure you want to delete?' or "save now", what a muppet.

Now I have to try and remember what I was rabbiting on about, I'm pretty sure it went along the lines of....

It's been awhile between drinks for me and the blog but that doesn't mean I have been just lolling around on the couch eating furry friends..(Ahem) I have been busy as a bee as we move into the pointy end of the year as my friend would like to say. I went to Adelaide for 10 days so I could cram in another lot of team sessions before the fat guy came to town (santa that is). I got to have my super talented team of Dani and Jaan working for me and man did we rock it! 55 pieces in 3 days what a mammoth effort. I love working with those guys. Just like riding a bike. I am so lucky to just be able to rock back into town and just make work right off the bat. I am very appreciative to be able to work with such a talented team who make it so easy for me to make my work.

I have finally figured out the best formula for making my work when I come to Adelaide. It consists of 2 days on the glass, 1 day cold work then last day as a hot that doesn't need coldworking. In an ideal world there would be a recovery day in there for beers and catch ups but hey gotta get the job done. I always find it such a delicate balance. I don't want to burn out but I want to keep my eye on the priza and keep pushing while the going is good. So I think blowing Friday and a Saturday sesh with Sunday to cold work is where its at for me. And man does it make you appreciate a well equipped studio. Cold working was so easy at the Jam. I am thinking more and more about wanting to have my own cold working equipment. I was speaking to the technician, Dale and he said he could hook me up with the plans and the knowhow to make my very own grinding wheel that could do all the grinding and polishing i would ever need! All I need is some space....

So all this work I have been making is predominantly for....

(Lookit how fancy I am in putting this little beaut in. Pretty big things from someone who was talked into thinking that 'PM' in facebook language stood for Pancake Man.....ugggh thaks alot B, way to abuse your computerey powers for evil instead of good, whos laughing now with their fancy gif rocking?)
It's on again this year, next weekend 29th Nov- 2nd Dec and it's going to be amaaaaaaazing!! If you are in Melbourne I strongly suggest you get your little butt over there to check it out. You don't want to miss it. Last year was massive and I reckon this year is going to be even bigger as everyone knows exactly what is going on this year. So get on over to the design files home page and check it out for all the details.

I had all these great photos to share with you but apparently I am over my limit with blogger and now have to pay to upload? Is this legit? Can it be? What the flip?! I'm only a small fry how can this be? Anyone got and info on this and can give me the down low would be much appreciated.

Well this is a hard slog with little pictures to keep us going so I'll keep it to dot points...heres whats what:
Things I have achieved/done/doing:
- made new bonsai for Artisan in QLD
- applied for a residency in Scotland next year
- applied for a show at Craft Vic with my sister
- delivered xmas stock to the Jam shop
- had a surprise party for a friends birthday in the part and bought helium balloons that we crammed into the car...
- took my sweetheart on a midweek date

aaaaand.....was successful in my application for a residency in Canberra at The Glassworks for next year!! Hurray for me !!

Thats it, thanks for reading for so long, you are the best.