Nessie? I'm a coming for ye.

So whats all this talk of big news you say? Well as it turns out I will be undertaking a residency at Northlands glass in Scotland this year!!! Can you freaking believe it because for the life of me I can't!!! Me! It's me that got picked!!! Of course I am both terrified and beside myself with excitement. At the moment I am mostly terrified. I said to myself last year that I didnt want to travel by myself anymore and now look at me, just a quick jaunt. Over the other side of the world. No big deal.......gulp!

It is for six whole weeks and there are three other artists attending. From what I can gather we live, eat, sleep and work together on our own works and assist each other. I think its quit isolated so really it is an amazing opportunity to focus on your work. Like I said, I'm terrified. I don't know what it is with me, but I do like to set myself these ridiculous challenges that have the potential to break me. Not one for the easy path thats for sure. I don't know if that is monumentally stupid or a glimpse of something great. Hard to say.

I am going to use this time to continue with the work I started on in Pilchuck, radishes and beets! I'm really excited and need to start laying the ground work, ie, the research materials, sketches, colours, images in check so I can hit the ground running.

The other thing I am pretty excited about is a show in the beautiful front window of Craft Victoria. I am super excited about the potential for a small installation. So there is a alot going on and I really have to start getting on top of it. Like booking a ticket or finding my passport....

Wish me luck!