A sunburn in Scotland

In Australia I am primarily a shade dweller. I avoid the sun at all costs and stick to any scrimp of shade I can find. Here in Scotland I am a reformed sun lover! I am a convert and a chaser. I crave it and seek it out like a big ole cat. It gets to about 4 or 5 in the arvo and I have taken to lying in the sitting room (pretending to) read but really I am waiting for those warm rays to hit me so I can close my peepers and bathe in the sunlight. Who would have thought? Although, today we spent the whole day out and about exploring and it would seem that I am the only person who can still get sunburnt. IN SCOTLAND. It SNOWED yesterday for flips sake. That was funny actually, the first time I had really seen falling snow, I watched it from the window all excited only to run out side and discover it was really just like being covered with big dandruff. Cold, icy dandruff that is.

The water was so clear, you could see everything. The coastline is just crazy. Really rugged and pointy like. We scrambled all the way down to jump our way along the rocky beach. Kind of hairy is some parts, an agile mountain goat I am not. We checked out a pirate castle ruin from the Vikings. The whole time we were walking around I just could not get the game of thrones theme song out of my head. It was like it was on a constant loop..

Along the way there are lots of ruins of abandoned houses. This one was particularly creepy, inside Anne found a whole heap of tiny bird and rat skulls all piled up. Also an old radio and chair.

Patti suggested an owl maybe. I could just picture this giant old grandpa of an owl swooping in at night , relaxing in his chair jammin out to some kind of Louisiana swamp music, maybe some Jungle blues, and chowin down on some dinner. Then he carefully stacks up his trash (the skulls) into a neat little line  just before he swoops on into the night for his next snack. The place was a real dump, least he could have done was clean up the place a little bit. Creepy.

This is my absolute favourite shot of the day. Ol' wet rock. So beautiful, I could just imagine what it would look like when the tide was in and all his hair was standing up, bobbing beautifully with the ebb and flow of the tide. 

I'm not sure what it is that is going to translate for me from my surroundings yet. It has to be something right? Oh and by the way, today I'm pretty sure I heard the Scottish bagpipe version of "Thunderstruck". Awesome. 

I wish I had the energy to tell yo more but I am pooped. Tomorrow is finally our first day on the glass. Wish me luck, it's times like this I wish I had me a lucky rabbits foot. All week I've been kicking around feeling kinda nervous, a little ball of nervy jitters in my stomach. All feeling blegh with nothing to do, let me tell you the image of Howard from the Mighty Boosh singing "isolation" popped into my head more than once...except for me there are no coconut friends only sheep...