Etsy Ahoy!

So I decided to put some pieces on my poor neglected etsy site. I thought I would trial a cute little set and see what response I get. Sometimes I want so hard to cut out the middle man, but I guess I might need that middle man more than I know? So lets see what happens! These are the guys up for grabs:

They are available for individual sale but it would be super sweet if they were purchased in a family. What I would like to do is put up a different family up for grabs each month. Maybe I could just run it off my blog? Hmmm, what think?
If you are interested in these guys you can check them out here. Tell your friends!

Or if you are interested in anything you can always contact me directly, but you knew that right? Right?  I'm here, I'm all ears! I love a chat, I'll put the kettle on, lets talk why not?

Well, let the great etsy experiment of 2013 begin! 

(If it were a ship I would be smashing a bottle of champagne on its nose right now. Really, A nose? Is that the best you can do Amanda? For shame. And in all honesty I'm cheap so it probably would not be champagne but probably just some soda steam I had made myself and funnelled into an old champagne bottle. No use wasting the good stuff on some imaginary boats beak.)