If there is one thing I am really REALLY good at, its procrastination. Even as I write this I know full well there are much more pressing things I should be doing. I am so good at procrastination I can even spot other like minded individuals and call them out when I see them red handed. Just yesterday I saw a friend post up a pic on instagram, something like a stack of dull looking papers, real dry stuff, a smiley face made out of lollies and the caption something like; "Staying positive about studying corporate law this semester". The majority of the comments went along the lines of "you can do it!" or "best of luck!". Not me, BAM! "I know procrastination when I see it." And I do, it's true. I too would probably make smiley faces out of candies if I had to read some dull law documentation.

This current procrastinating revolves around a group show I am apart of this October. It is in Sydney and I just don't know why I can't seal the deal. I even have the work made god damn it! The thing that seems to be stopping me with the paper work (and oh, the relentless paperwork) is I'm not really certain how to display the little buggers. And I'm not sure which ones to send. And I'm not sure how much to price them. And I'm not sure what to eat for lunch.... And, wait, there I go again. So what is the dealio yo? How do I fix this?

I really don't know where to get a little stand welded up for me, but yet I don't know if that is right for them. I kind of just planned displaying them in a cute little basket. What to do, what to do?!!! Halp, halp!!

This brings me to the most exciting thing......


Behold, in all their glory:

I had the absolute pleasure of working with  the extremely lovely and talented stylist Bec Vitartas and the super skills (more striking than lovely..) of photographer Haydn Cattach. These two are the dream team and I feel so lucky to have gotten to wrangle their collective skills for the shoot. I was really interested to photograph glass differently not the usual white or grey background with reflections (snore zzzz). I would never have chosen these colours and I think they look fantastic. I'm so excited with them I might just pop. Now to get them out there. Let the people see them. Let them lead me to the next big fit out, lobby installation,  trophies for masterchef?, residency in New York?..... 

Come on! Come at me world, I'm ready.