The epic T2 job

So fresh off the back of a big Adelaide trip I can finally show you what all the fuss was about. I had the pleasure of designing and making glass works for the new fit out of T2's flagship store on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

So I have been working at T2 on and off for, ooh, like, over three years now. I started out managing the  very first Adelaide store in Rundle St for a year then when we moved to Melbs I just snagged a spot as a casual at the Melb Central store. I have been a big fan of T2 way, way before I worked for them. Huge tea drinker and I can remember whenever we came over to Melbs I would ALWAYS stock up on tea at T2. T2 is so essentially Melbourne to me. I love the story behind them and I love that 18years ago two sisters started up a little tea shop on Brunswick Street that I'm sure they had no idea just what an iconic brand they would be creating.

T2 is more than just a brand, it's a culture. I think they are such an interesting company who really value their staff. They have such great vision and they are just expanding at a rapid speed. But what i really love about T2 is the caliber of women that work for them. T2 really is about strong, intelligent driven women and this is something that resonates really deeply with me. These ladies? They know whats what.

  So after three years of weaseling it seems i have finally weaseled my way into the brand myself. It's only now that it's really sinking in the opportunity that has been given to me. So Fitzy is the mothership. It's the very first store, it's Maryanne's baby. And after 18 years, Fitzy is getting a makeover. The pressure riding on this alone must have been incredible. How to retain her integrity but give her the spruce she needs? They wanted something special from me so I designed and made for them 17 "smell domes".

The smell domes are a take on the bell jar and scent bottles. What they do is display the tea on offer and trap the scents beautifully. The beauty is that the glass houses the scent so perfectly. It means that a customer doesn't have to stick their beak in the tea, they can just hold the glass up and take a whiff. How dainty! I'm so stoked! This could be my most successful design yet! Not only aesthetically pleasing but it does the job. Yeah boi! Self high five.

So yeah, its been challenging and lessons have been learnt....but ultimately I am happy with the end results and ridiculously excited at the possibilities that may come. 
Now to celebrate, here's a picture of me with a donkey. (His name is ok-dokey)