Grow Domes

I started off today tired, grumpy and indecisive. Generally a little dark cloud just looking for an unwilling victim to unleash my rage on. I end, a pale grey cloud who got a bunch of stuff done and is kind of on top of things.

I made these cute "Grow Domes" that I am going to put into a group show called "The Secret Garden" that opens in Melbs later this month. I think they turned out pretty sweet. And who doesn't love using a hot glue gun? No one, thats who. I think it's going to be a cute show and I'm sad I won't be there because I'll be in Adelaide making a million lights....

I think I am going to make some more of these for my solo next year. I'm so close to being able to make on my close. A buddy helped me out on the weekend and installed my controller for me so now I can get the kiln to hold temp. (Oh, and here's a big fucking tip I wish I had known, Tim told me he could have just change the original controller for me! Say WHAT?! So I didn't need to spend $400 on a controller, I just could have bought Timmy a beer and he could have messed with it to do what I want. Let that be a lesson to all you glassies out there, get a sparky in to look at your shit before you buy other shit you ultimately don't need. Good to know, now you can buy me a beer to say thanks.)

I also got to teach a dog to catch a frisbee on the weekend. It was the best!

And not to be outdone, Mont then taught Nova to do the cat flop.

Victories all round.