Cray fish and cannnballs

I have been a busy bee lately. Had a few wins the big one being an Artstart grant from Australia council. Yup, gots me a real lap top now, it's beautiful, thank you for asking. Like a big, white gleeming tooth.
Made some real progress with my exhibition work, been making some great hot worked cacti. Just need to scale them up and have them not fall on the floor and smash when I try to get them in the annealer.. that woould be good.

Check out that hot worked succulent..
neat huh? Had one amazing failure, ran out of my usual plaster for potting them and tried plaster of paris....BIG mistake. Set super quick, couldnt even jam anything in, then cracked the pot! Expanded too much I think was a very impressive failure though....
Anyways, my moms is here to pat my hungover head and make me better x