Sandworms, you hate em right? Well I hate em myself!

Lookit! Sure is pretty right? In my attempts for world domination through glass (one bonsai at a time) I have the talented, young chap Josh Mann of designing a logo for me. Kid did good huh? I am in love with it, feels like me. See how he even gives a nod to littlebirdbigchip?

Well, today stared off quite strange, bad ju ju. Couldn't sleep last night, managed to spill a whole mug of water in pitch black at some ungodly time, all over my side dresser. At first I was filled with rage but the ever intuned b-train saves the day and it ends in hysterics. Then time to get up for my big photo shoot with Inside Out and I am rudely awoken by a puffy left eye. God damn it! What the hell is this all about? The one day I have to look nice and the universe gives me a bung eye. Thanks universe. Thanks a bunch.

But not to fear as I am a crafty minx. I flipped my fringe over to the other side, oh yea. Cunning.

(Lets just hope it doesn't make me look like bizzaro me in the photos..) You know what I learnt today? The Jam is like a black pit. We may have well as been underground, forty thousand feet down with a 20 watt globe. No wait, worse, a fluro. Poor photographer had a rough run trying to find some decent light to get a good shot. After all my pre studio buffing and tiding we didnt even shoot it!! In saying that though, she did take some great shots and I can't wait to see them in the december issue (out november if you were wondering).

I got her to take a shot I was wanting to get done for a while now, one of my tools. Glass blowing tools are quite beautiful objects in themselves. We also shot in the cold shop, some sketchy ones and some finished products with colour samples.

And now I get to finish the day (with my bung eye) by eating delicious homemade prawn pasta and watching Beetlejuice on the telly (hence the tittle of this post).