A nutritious breakfast can conquer all

Well here we are again friends.
It's late, my lil peepers are sore, i should be in bed but yet here i am compelled to write... seems a little familiar, no?
I just wanted to say......


Thats right, I cracked it and it's only 4 days in. Oh yea, I'm going places. I guess i should mention at this point my new years resolution (made in the wee hours of new years day) was to make bircher museli. Mission accomplished. In the fridge awaiting me for tomorrows breakfast. And that my friends is how you begin a successful year.

As you may have gathered i think new years resolutions are a bit of a farce. (My last years was to eat a custard apple, which i failed) I'm over the "I'll lose 10kg" or "I'll give up smoking". Don't get me wrong these are all great but somehow chuck the word 'resolution' in there and it seems destined for doomsville, failuretown, losers avenue.

So this time I'm side stepping the resolution bit (even though i totes nailed it) and now i can concentrate on the real deal. All you need is a little win (sometimes a delicious one) to kick start, so here we go... and people, people, i can not stress this enough, these are not resolutions.
- balance my work with my life better - this includes more time for family and friends, enjoying the small stuff, remembering that i like to cook, general all round having a good time. who does'nt want that? no one thats who!
- ride my bike lots.
- visit my nan and pa more often
- plan our wedding
- continue with glass world domination mwhahahaa-uh no wait... prioritise, don't over stretch, but still with the world domination MWHAHAHA!!

now here comes the main one....
this is all that really matters (well now that bircher museli is nailed)
Stop worrying so much.

Seems so simple. Seems like it is integral to everything else. I am a big worrier. Over everything and anything, but you know what? I am now deciding that I'm not going to be a worrier anymore and thats all there is to it.

How bout you?