Fushimi Inari

We took a trip on the shinkansen to Kyoto to try and out run some of the rainy weather. Nothin like travellin by the bullet. Probably the nicest train I have ever been on, soooo much leg room, and for a wookie thats kind of a big deal. 
I think in Kyoto I walked for miles and miles and miles....no thats probably wrong, most of Japan has been like that. Snakes alive are my get away sticks tired, from that and the mountains of stairs I have climbed. Buns of steel I tells ya. Every subway you pop out of you are greeted by a mountain of stairs, always looks like a pyramid to me for some reason.
This Shrine is Fushimi Inari and see those red gates? They go on for miles up a mountain. THey are amazing and I think one of my favourite places. From what I can gather it is a shrine dedicated to foxes for protection. The surroundings are so lush and green, even with the hoards of people (thanks golden week) it is serene and calm. The higher up you go the thinner the crowds become.