How to spend a rainy Tokyo day

It has been bucketing down in Tokyo! Just pouring. So rather than hang out in the apartment contemplating how to work the washing machine,
(we ended up pressing the button with a picture of a shirt on it, it was a 2 wookie job) we decided to head to Ikebukuro for some serious indoor mall action. It was massive! There was this place called Sunshine City that was like 3 buildings wide and 9 floors tall which had its own aquarium and planetarium!! The line for the aquarium was like three days long so after weenie says to me "i seen fish before..." we headed into some crazy gaming parlours for some claw action.
However, the claws were ridiculously loose! So pretty much our faces ended up like this:
On top pf one of the floors of a department store was a pet shop and inside they had this crazy cat room where you could pay to go in and pat the cats! Of course we paid but sadly it was not as fun as i had hoped. The cats looked pretty mad. There were like 20 people all trying to pat a cat at once.
Maybe a shirt collar and tie for your cat?
Or how about just a badge to remember your time?
Spin the wheel get a cat?
After dicking around trying to pet the cats we needed some lunch and found this awesome izekaya where a guy stading out on the street is yelling about it in a bright orange coat. If you go and say hi he then takes you there! We never would have found it on our own...
Tomorrow we are going to head to Kyoto on the shinkansen! I can't believe we actually managed to book the tickets ourselves and managed to get like the last room available! It's Golden Week and shits gonna get crazy! Well thats what we are hoping for anyways...