Finding the silver lining and taking advice from Batmans dad

Snakes alive, did I have a rough day on the glass today... Yesterday was so good and today just terrible! What the flip? Today if you watched me you would have thought to yourself, how in the hell did they let this moron in? I think I blame exhaustion. We have been working flat out since last Monday and I think I just need a little rest. I'm looking forward to the weekend. I think the problem is that I don't want to waste a minute of this fantastic opportunity I have in front of me and be on the glass 24/7. The problem is, I know in my heart, if I give myself a day off I will be so much more productive on the next. It's like my brain needs a day to catch up, a day to process all that I'm learning and then transfer these learnings to my mitts and make me make the work.
So tonight after work there was the call out to go help some guy herd some deer. On any other occasion I would have jumped but this time I chose to stay behind by myself and get to know....the cold shop. (Not my natural environment.)
So after blowing glass for 8 hours, I had a shower, downed a berocca and began the second shift; the cold shop. 

I'm kind of glad I did. I had the whole shop to myself and I could do some experiments and see whats what. Turns out I might have to buy myself a lathe....Started to cold carve some beets and got some nice results. It's fun to carve the little details on their tails. And as a bonus, my hands are finally clean! Huzzah!

So all I could think about as I mangled the glass all day today and pretty much made pretty garbage, was the wise words of none other than batmans dad. "Why do we fall Bruce? So we can pick ourselves up." or something like like that. Thanks Batmans dad, lets hope tomorrow is a better day. 

I'll be up at 6:30am to spark it up and hopefully find my way again.