Git around!

Today was the big day....
The pitch was open yo! First roll of the season!! Do you know how long we have been waiting for this (well technically only two weeks but lemme tell you it feels a lot longer) we have been watching the same dude out there, rain, wind, hail or SNOW buffing that pitch within an inch of its life. All ready for today; lawn bowls day. Allllllllrriiiiiiiight!!

So this is how it goes down, you rock up, write your name down to go into the draw to see whos team you are on (kinda feel bad for the old mate that got stuck with me) and then we roll!! 
Check out this dude, rollin with a pipe (thats my new mate by the way). On my team was the Scottish doppelganger of my very own grandfather. Tall, kind of like a big barrel, balding (or bald actually), stern, a snappy dresser and quite the kidder. (If he had started reading any sign out aloud I would have known for sure they had been separated at birth.) He was the best by far. 

I was the only one who managed to knock the jack into the ditch. Sorry boys. It was just the first social day for the club so everyone and anyone can play, we have already been invited back to play Tuesdays  and Fridays. I'm thinking my Fridays might have just been kicked up a notch..

And afterwards theres refreshments!! I had a cup of tea, cake with pink icing, a cider for $1 and some lovely gent bought me a whiskey. Like I said, my Fridays are lookin good. Now here comes the kicker, there is a raffle!! So I asked if I could donate a piece, surprisingly I think this boosted ticket sales at the last minute (mainly from my new mate).
This was the booty up for grabs. I really wanted the wizz fizz look alikes. Oh and in the grey bag? Just a cheeky bottle of tanqueray gin....

Oh no you di'nt!!! Flip yeah we did! WINNERS!! (Actually the winning ticket was Annas but she had left it in our care...we figure any win is counted as a win for the group. A delicious gin based win.) So now Anna will be hailed as the gamblor of Lybster, having won both bingo and the bowls raffle in Lybster. Two major events I might add. Lets just say I am going to sit extra close to her tonight at Bingo and possibly try and rub her little paw like a lucky rabbits foot.

And just incase you were wondering, I did make some stuff this week too (in amongst the bingo playing, whiskey drinking and bowls).

So as another week is about to begin I feel as though I have a few tricks up my sleeve and about a list as long as my arm of things I want to make in the hot shop. I'm thinking bottles with radish stoppers...

And lastly here is a picture of my two beloved gents just because I miss them so much;

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my bingo date. 
"Lucky for some, number 7."