Autumn; King of the seasons

Goddamn look at these colours!! Autumn is my favourite time of year. Look at it, it is stunning. I can't believe that these colours are for real, it's ba-nay-nays. (Thats crazy in Adeventure time speak don't cha know?) 
These were taken at Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens in Adelaide and at The Rhododendron Garden in Olinda. 
Everything about Autumn I love. The colors, the smell, the gorgeous grey days perfect for glass blowing and eating toast with grilled cheese and cups of tea, my kind of paradise. Good for wearing flannel, nice scarves and maybe a sweet jacket? I even like it that you don;t have to drive anywhere to see it, it's on every street. One day I am going to have my own stunning autumn garden. (I've made a start, I gots two maples.)

I also like it how Autumn starts to creep into my work.

Autumn; I love you.