Some stuffs

Just a quick image/brain dump before I dash off to an appointment. I gots 15 minutes, go!

(Me and Angry Cat)

So much has happened since I last wrote (sounds like an old time war letter..), the big news is that I was awarded a scholarship to go to Penland School of Craft in the states to take a class with flame worker Amber Cowan! And I leave at the end of May!! So, so pumped!! I can't believe my good fortune sometimes. It's not all popsicles and rainbows though, as my husband puts it, things seem to come to me when I need them most. It's a lonely thing working for yourself sometimes. I beaver away all by myself in the studio and sometimes I loose focus. I was sad that I didn't get a spot at Pilchuck this year (well I did, but not a scholarship so I couldn't afford it) and sometimes I feel like i just drift around. I think it is because I seem to work in batches. I drive to Adelaide and go balls to the wall for a week then I come home get that work sorted and spend three weeks putting things in play until the next balls to the wall period. Just adjusting thats all.

It does seem to work though. I make my orders, make a little extra stock to cover myself if I get any new requests for work then plan the next big adventure. Which by the way is going to be my very first solo show in nearly six years!! So while I was in Adelaide last I also managed to line up a solo at the Jam in gallery two. Gallery two is where it's at. I have wanted to be in that space ever since I first laid eyes on Tom Moore's show in there when I was an associate. I can remember Tom setting it up and he said I could come take a peek. I walked in to his other world and could not stop grinning like a loon! I think Tom said something like I'm glad you like it Amanda. It is a little self contained space, a 'U' shape that is perfect for an installation. The possibilities are endless. I'm going all out for this one. I've got a whole year to plan, scheme and make. Let's see what we can come up with.